Psychosomatic Disorders and the Power of Mind -  Professor Jure Biechonski

Psychosomatic Disorders and the Power of Mind - Professor Jure Biechonski

Pentru limba română activați - Subtitrări. Traducerea și adaptarea Camelia Hârjău. Professor Jure Biechonski is the founder and director of SACH International. School of Analytical and Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. As founder and Creator of THA (Transactional Hypno-Analysis) Holds academic degrees in: History, Philosophy, education, French Literature, and Psychology. He is conducting classes in: Sichuan University Chengdu, China; St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg Russia; University of Tatrtu, Tartu, Estonia; Universidad Vasco De Qiroga, Morelia, Mexico; Also guest lecturer in various medical colleges and business colleges around the world. So far Jure is running regular courses in 6 different countries and lectures in more then 30 countries worldwide. Jure brings to the course 28 years of practice as a psychotherapist and his 9 years study of Hypnotherapy and NLP to an advanced level. Former teacher and actor, he has eight years of academic education plus three years of training in Humanistic Counselling and two years in Family Counselling. He has studied Psychodrama in Berlin, Art & Dance Therapy in Italy. After international experience working with individuals and companies, Jure moved to the U.K. to study for higher academic qualifications. As a psychotherapist Jure uses Hypnotherapy as a tool to accelerate the therapeutic process by accessing the subconscious mind. Jure has studied for three years in The U.K. College of Hypnotherapy & Counselling and is a graduate of The Atkinson Ball College of Hypnotherapy hypnohealing. His qualifications and extensive studies have provided him with a wide scope of various counselling and hypnotic techniques, which ensures a high success rate among his clients.
Surviving a Tsunami - Realising Life - dr. Regina U. Hess (Pv-Tv - Matei Georgescu)

Surviving a Tsunami - Realising Life - dr. Regina U. Hess (Pv-Tv - Matei Georgescu)

Regina U. Hess, PhD, is the founder and director of the "Ase World Forum" - Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science - for the conservation of ancient wisdom and healing traditions, sacred plant medicine, shamanic expeditions, integrative psychospiritual interventions and research, art, film and cultural exchange - in an international interdisciplinary collaborative setting and network., Clinical psychologist, transpersonal body psychotherapist, and nurse (Germany), PhD in transpersonal transcultural psychology and research (USA/UK). EUROTAS accredited transpersonal psychotherapist and supervisor. Research, teaching, publications, talks, arts, film, shamanic expeditions, cultural exchange Extensive humanitarian work and research experience in India, Nepal, the USA and Mexico, West-Africa, and Europe Specialized in transcultural embodied phenomenological research & arts. Board of Directors European Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS) Board of Directors International Transpersonal Association (ITA) Co-Founder and Chair of the EUROTAS Division of Transpersonal Research (EDTR) Co-Founder international Transpersonal Research Network (TRN) Co-Organizer and Co-Facilitator of the annual international Transpersonal Research Colloquium (TRC) Member of the Editorial Boards: Forum Qualitative Social Research (FQS), (Germany) Integral Transpersonal Journal (ITJ), (Italy) International Journal for Transpersonal Studies (IJTS) (USA).